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An Extensive Selection of Pet Foods, Pet Treats and Pet Supplies on Vancouver Island

Woofy’s Pet Foods stocks a wide inventory of pet foods, pet toys, nutrient supplements and pet accessories and supplies in Courtenay, Comox Valley, Campbell River, and North Vancouver Island. We strive to provide pet owners, livestock farmers and veterinarians with the resources they need to keep animals happy, healthy and fed. In this regard, we offer a diverse range of products across many core animal species. Our animal products are dedicated to cats, dogs, fish, birds, cattle, poultry, sheep, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, rats and mice. Check out our full range of pet foods, treats, supplements and supplies in-store or online today.

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Woofy’s Pet Foods’ dog food section is much more than a relatively basic grocery selection of everyday dog foods. We call this section, ‘a destination for natural and healthy everyday dog foods.’

With one of the largest sections of raw frozen foods on Vancouver Island, Woofy’s has a great selection of some of the best names in dog foods, including Natural, Holistic, Dehydrated, and Freeze Dried in every price range. You’ll find well-known brands, as well as several great Canadian-made dog foods.

Woofy’s also has a huge selection of treats for your puppy or adult dog. You can purchase dog bones of all sizes - baked, smoked, raw and bulk treats by the pound. We also carry an excellent section of locally manufactured dog treats. With just about 6 million dogs in Canada, Woofy’s Pet Foods takes pride in its huge selection of foods, toys, treats, coats, leeches, collars, frozen raw foods for dogs, and more.


With just about 8 million Cats in Canada, Woofy’s Pet Foods has nearly everything for your feline family member. At Woofy’s, we are the cat supply experts. But more than that, just about all of the staff at Woofy’s owns a cat.

The cat department at Woofy’s has nearly everything for your feline member of the family. We have a huge selection of cat foods, including natural, holistic and raw frozen foods. We have an excellent range of brands with prices to fit our customers’ budgets. Woofy’s also carries a wide selection of different varieties of cat litter, cool toys and treats. Our Comox and Ryan Rd Stores house cats and/or kittens available for adoption through Kitty Cat PALS.


As a fish enthusiast, you know how important it is to use the best fish food for your tank, for the type of fish you have. At Woofy’s, we carry a great selection of betta fish food, bulk tropical fish food, cichlid food, fish flakes, frozen fish food, and goldfish food. Don’t forget your weekend or holiday fish feeder.

Woofy’s does carry top aquarium brands such as Wardley and NutraFin. Both brands are leaders in quality nutrition for many fish species. Nutrafin is also a great brand for water treatments – Aqua Plus, Cycle and Waste Control – and creates optimum conditions for the health and well-being of fish.

Small Animals

Woofy’s Pet Foods stocks a great selection of products for all of your furry little friends. We have a variety of products for cute pets like rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, rats, mice and guinea pigs. Check out our full range of foods, treats, chews, and specialty items for your small animal friend.


Woofy’s Pet Foods has always had a great selection of products for your avian friend. We stock a great range of supplies from cuttlefish bones to foods and vitamins. Whether you need bird foods, suet feeders, parrot foods, bird perches, or bird toys, we have the supplies you require. Woofy’s also has a wide selection of bins of bulk birds.

Wild bird feeding is more than just fun. Some consider it a hobby. Feeding wild birds is also a way to connect with the outdoors and help the natural environment around us. Birds are essential to a healthy Vancouver Island ecosystem and birds’ population growth. Woofy’s Pet Foods also produces its own wild bird food, specializing in seeds for local birds.

Keep Your Companion Animals Active and Well

Find the right supplements and supplies for your companion and farm animals at Woofy’s.

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