Advantage II Cats over 4kg - 2-Dose

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    Advantage®II protects against flea infestations with regular flea treatment.... Show more
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    A flea infestation can make your cat’s life miserable. On top of the irritation and itchiness, fleas can also lead to serious health problems.

    Some cats have allergies to flea saliva. In these cases, just a few flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis, triggering severe itching and sore skin. Fleas can also lead to anemia (if a flea infestation is severe) and even a tapeworm infection, should your cat swallow an infected flea while grooming. And because fleas feed on all red-blood mammals, they can also prey on humans.

    It’s important to remember that the fleas on your cat are only part of the problem. The adult fleas visible on your cat account for only five per cent of all the fleas present in an infestation. The rest are lurking as eggs, larvae and pupae, which may be hidden and scattered throughout your home.

    Regular flea prevention will help protect your cat’s health and well-being and prevent flea infestation in your home.

    Advantage®II is a fast and effective flea treatment

    Advantage®II is a topical flea treatment that contains an active ingredient which works to kill fleas through contact.

    Applied as drops to the skin, the active ingredient in Advantage®II spreads throughout the skin quickly and kills fleas through contact. Unlike some other treatments available (for example, those available in pill form), your cat doesn’t have to be bitten for the treatment to work.

    Advantage®II kills fleas within two hours and remains effective for up to four weeks.

    Advantage II Cats over 4kg - 2-Dose
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    Advantage II Cats over 4kg - 2-Dose
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